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Haight Ashbury Bar Hop

Seriously, you could spend an entire day in the Haight Ashbury.  There are restaurants and coffee shops to get you fueled and caffeinated. There is an endless amount of shopping with the boutiques and clothing stores.  You can get pierced or tattooed. There are music stores, grocery stores, sporting good stores, hair salons, anything and everything!

So where do people go when they want to wind down. After long day of shopping and hanging out, there must be a place to go to grab a little food and a drink! Here is the Haight Ashbury Bar Hop! Click on the spots on the map for more detailed descriptions on each place!

Starting from Golden Gate Park and moving on down Haight, Kezar Pub, is an excellent choice for a mid-afternoon early evening bar to start off the night.  It is a sports bar with 26 beers on tap and they are famous for their wings.

Moving along, we find ourselves at Milk Bar. This bar is probably one that you would want to hit up either early in the afternoon, or late night. They have a good mix of live music and DJs performing throughout the week. They host all genres, everything from Bluegrass to dub step. Check their online calendar to see which night would be best for you to swing by.

Next on the list is Citrus Club. This place is unique in that it is a noodle house featuring dishes from different countries. So if you’re looking for a good dinner to settle your stomach and wanting to have a drink along with it, Citrus Club may be the place for you.

We follow up the bar hop with The Alembic.  This bar has such an extensive list of liquor that you just may spend your night trying to decide what to drink… But you better hurry, we are not even half way done here.

Asqew Grill is a great place for dinner.  They have burgers and skewers that cause life changing experiences during consumption. They even cater to those on diets with their special Vegan menu and Gluten Free menu. This is probably another place you would want to use as a start off to your night, get a full dinner in and a beer on tap!

Now for a cool hangout sit down spot, we have Hobson’s Choice. With an extensive menu dedicated to just Rum, it is a good thing that there is plenty of seating at this bar, even an upstairs seated section. After having a drink or two here, you will probably need to be seated for awhile.

For you dive-bar goers, you are in luck with the Gold Cane Cocktail Lounge. A pool table, good company and a bar are all you need here.

Club Deluxe is where you want to go for some live music and stand-up comedy. Jazz is the specialty here, and it is definitely a classier bar on the Haight. Check out their online calendar for up coming events.

Trax Bar is definitely unique on the street. It is a dive bar. It is somewhat of a sports bar—they do show sporting events. But what truly makes this bar one of a kind to Haight Ashbury is that it is a gay bar. Most people don’t even realize it, not even after walking in.

Last but not least we have Magnolia Pub and Brewery.  For all of you beer lovers out there, there is no better spot than a brewery. They rotate through what they are brewing every now and then so you have to stop by to check up on the menu, but they also have a listing on their site.

It’s great to have this listing of places, but which are the favorites? Let’s find out!

“Deluxe has the best Greyhounds,” says bar hopper Josh Smith.  “It’s why I go there and why I keep coming back.”

“Alembic is my favorite,” says Jessica Dega of Piper’s . “They have a really broad selection of whiskey.”

Becky Dill from Cold Steel America says that the Gold Cane is her favorite because it has that dive bar feel that all of the Haight workers enjoy. “I pretty much know everyone who works out here on Haight. After work we all hangout there,” she says.

Of course again there is Magnolia from an earlier story that we now know is a home away from home for many Upper Haighters. Which ever you choose, remember there are plenty more, so start your day off right in the Haight. Get some food and do some shopping. Watch a game at Kezar and drink a beer.  Or go and have a full noodle dinner at Citrus Club. In the end there is a place for everyone.