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Undercover weed bust

The extensive amount of marijuana sales in recent weeks in the Haight Ashbury has led to police action, according to smoke shops and street dealers.

There has been an increase in enforcement against the offense. Undercover officers have been approaching people in the streets asking if they know where marijuana is sold and when the sale is secured, the arrests are made, according to street dealears.

A dealer shows a potential customer the "green'" he has to offer.

“I actually went to jail a couple of days ago,” said a street dealer known as Mission. “I didn’t even make a sale or anything. They dismissed all of the charges.”

Mission explained that before the arrest, a suspicious person asking for marijuana approached him. He felt uncomfortable so he denied having any connections to drug sales. He then saw the same person approach every “street kid” on the block asking for marijuana.

“Thirty seconds later they arrested me for sales,” said Mission. He said that once the officer found a seller, seven to eight undercover officers swarmed the dealer and made the arrest.

Similar instances have occurred up and down Haight Street according to shop workers.  In front of the store The Cannabis Company at 1334 Haight St. a man was smoking marijuana and was ambushed in the same way.

Eric Rosenberg, piercer at Braindrops just next door to The Cannabis Company remembered the occasion.

“Like eight undercover cops swarmed him,” said Rosenberg. “It was overkill, too many officers for one guy.”

Allan Sprague,  manager of the Cannabis Company, said that the man arrested in front of his store is a local “street kid” who stops in on occasion.

“All of a sudden I’ve heard that they are on the hunt for the small-time weed offenders,” said Sprague. He said that customers have been coming in and telling him their stories of their run-ins with these undercover officers.

“There have been 60 to 75 busts in the last two weeks,” said Mission. Even though he and others have been arrested, the dealers continue with their sales, but with more caution, he said.

The San Francisco Police Department was contacted and would not comment on the matter.

All of California comes right to your doorstep

The Upper Haight Farmers' Market is made possible by the Haight Ashbury Improvement Association.

Every week happy health-conscience shoppers swarm the lot where Stanyan St. and Waller St. meet in hopes to find delectable goodies grown right here in California.

Luckily, the day that started out gloomy, brightened up with the sun radiantly showing through the clouds just in time for the Upper Haight Farmers’ Market. The Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association is a non-profit community service organization that assembles the Californian companies to come together at various markets.

Locals come for the fresh California produce.


“We are reaching out to the community and trying to share as much information about vegetables and healthy eating and healthy living,” says market manager Luke Walton. “All of the farmers come from California. All of the products are made and grown here.”

Walton says that they try to teach their customers to eat seasonally since they are shopping for locally produced foods. He explains that most of their shoppers tend to buy from business that grow and/or produce their product within 100 miles which helps with them adapt to the seasonal eating.

Frank Plughoff of Labelgmos.org trying to get market-goers to sign ballot initiative

The farmers’ market had a great variety of foods including authentic afghan cuisine from a company called Bolani. Then there was Flour Chylde Bakery that specializes in gluten-free cakes and torts.

Not only was there food at the market, there was also a local line of skin-care product called Skincare by Feleciai. Everything at the market was of course California produced and is a way to support the local economy.

Also among the contributors was a Labelgmos.org’s representative spreading awareness of genetically modified foods with a ballot initiative. What better place than Haight Ashbury!

The Upper Haight hosts their farmers’ market every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Make sure to check it out as businesses rotate every week. Oh and if you are still hungry… remember Off the Grid serves up dinner time meals at the same location Thursday Nights 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Day in the Park

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Haighters Gon’ Skate!

Ian Weekes

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