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All of California comes right to your doorstep

The Upper Haight Farmers' Market is made possible by the Haight Ashbury Improvement Association.

Every week happy health-conscience shoppers swarm the lot where Stanyan St. and Waller St. meet in hopes to find delectable goodies grown right here in California.

Luckily, the day that started out gloomy, brightened up with the sun radiantly showing through the clouds just in time for the Upper Haight Farmers’ Market. The Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association is a non-profit community service organization that assembles the Californian companies to come together at various markets.

Locals come for the fresh California produce.


“We are reaching out to the community and trying to share as much information about vegetables and healthy eating and healthy living,” says market manager Luke Walton. “All of the farmers come from California. All of the products are made and grown here.”

Walton says that they try to teach their customers to eat seasonally since they are shopping for locally produced foods. He explains that most of their shoppers tend to buy from business that grow and/or produce their product within 100 miles which helps with them adapt to the seasonal eating.

Frank Plughoff of Labelgmos.org trying to get market-goers to sign ballot initiative

The farmers’ market had a great variety of foods including authentic afghan cuisine from a company called Bolani. Then there was Flour Chylde Bakery that specializes in gluten-free cakes and torts.

Not only was there food at the market, there was also a local line of skin-care product called Skincare by Feleciai. Everything at the market was of course California produced and is a way to support the local economy.

Also among the contributors was a Labelgmos.org’s representative spreading awareness of genetically modified foods with a ballot initiative. What better place than Haight Ashbury!

The Upper Haight hosts their farmers’ market every Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Make sure to check it out as businesses rotate every week. Oh and if you are still hungry… remember Off the Grid serves up dinner time meals at the same location Thursday Nights 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Let’s talk about sex—and cupcakes

The book Best Sex Writing 2012 is available at Booksmith.

Readings from a compilation of the best sex-related writings

Sex, sex and more sex was the topic of discussion for the night as authors from the anthology Best Sex Writing 2012 read snippets of their published work at Booksmith‘s event “Cupcakes and Best Sex Writing,” last night.

Thomas Roche talking to fans.

Heated provocative passion lured in an audience so big that the chairs set up were just not enough! With all seats taken the true die-hard erotica fanatics stood the entire hour and a half for their audible satisfaction.The night consisted of humorous writings that aroused laughter as well as atheistical thoughts on sex that turned on discussion all while enjoying cupcakes from Let’s Cupcake.

The book is a collection of writings that were compiled by sex columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel and fellow “Sexpert” Susie Bright. Through an extensive search, they surfaced pieces that they thought to be entertaining and thought-provoking just to raise that level of awareness to their readers.

“I like that the audience was talking back,” said Bussel. “I consider the book to be a discussion starting point. I don’t necessarily think that it’s a decree of ‘you should think this.’ ”

Thomas Roche, Greta Christina, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Tracy Clark-Flory

Bussel explained that this was her third reading at Booksmith, and that this was probably the most “lively,” and she appreciates that. Bussel said that they chose pieces that were humorous and also political and felt that tonight’s readings were fitting for the San Franciscan’s of the Haight.

Among the readers panel were of course Bussel and Bright, but also Thomas RocheTracy Clark-Flory and Greta Christina.

Susie Bright signing books for fans.

Roche read from his piece entitled Men Who ‘Buy Sex’ Commit More Crimes: Newsweek, Trafficking, and the Lie of Fabricated Sex Studies which is a media criticism of research methods used to write articles on men and prostitution.

Clark-Flory then read her piece, The Worship of Female Pleasure which is a feature-type article of her experience with a woman whose business offers demonstrations and lessons on how to properly satisfy a woman.

The authors take time to answer audience's questions

Christina was the last reader for the night and she read from her piece Atheist’s Do It Better: Why Leaving Religion Leads to Better Sex—which from the title is self-explanatory.

After each reader, the audience was accepting and excited to have heard and experienced the words straight from the writer’s mouth. The evening was full of laughter, sensual tension and open discussion.

Bussel has a few more dates with the book. She is headed to Santa Cruz, Berkley and New York. She says that the night was great and she enjoys the warm welcoming from Booksmith and will possibly come back in a year or so when the next book is released.

“Every time it’s been a really great crowd with really good energy,” says Bussel. “I will definitely come back to Booksmith.”


Stereopony at Amoeba Music at 1855 Haight Street

Another adventurous night in the Haight turned into an event filled experience. I had heard of a couple of things going on and I couldn’t quite decide which to cover so I ended up touching base at multiple places.

First off we have Amoeba Music who kicked off the week with an all ages free show featuring Japanese all-girl rock trio Stereopony.The band that originated in 2007 from Okinawa, Japan, drew in a crowd that swarmed the aisles of Amoeba’s CD racks. People found stools and steps to stand on to get a vantage over the crowd of about 70 people.

The band is currently touring and will be playing at Slim’s tomorrow night April 10 if any of you are interested in going to check that out. Be sure to follow Amoeba on twitter for more upcoming in-store events! Not only do they post what their store is currently doing but they also like to help out with anything music related. So if you are into music they are a great feed to follow.



Oh… and as for my other experience for the night… you are just going to have to wait for it! I will post it tomorrow. Here’s a hint—though I doubt anyone will guess(unless you follow my twitter feed @GonHaight which you should because it is awesome!)—sex and cupcakes. That is all…